Myotone – Microcurrent Skin Care

Facial Toning & Rejuvenation Set


Try our Facial Toning & Rejuvenation Set featuring our new smart device with live feedback. Bring your facial toning routine to the next level and achieve better results with Myotone!

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3 reviews for Facial Toning & Rejuvenation Set

  1. Tina

    My daughter gave me this after she had been using hers for a month.I can’t wait for my skin to tighten up. The serum that’s included is nice as well. I can already tell a difference around my daughters chin and neck area and I can’t wait to see my results

  2. Megan Atterbury

    Myotone is easy to use and very user friendly. The
    You-Tube tutorials with step-by-step videos are extremely helpful and get you set in your routine in no time! It’s like having a spa experience at home.
    I love using it to increase the absorption of my favorite serums!
    It takes me only minutes a day and it has really made a difference with my skin tone, facial tightening,l fine lines and wrinkles.
    I love using it on my eyes before heading out on the town – just the lift I didn’t even know I needed!
    Consistency is key. I notice a difference when I don’t use it.
    My skin feels so much firmer after just three weeks of use.
    It must be working because multiple people have commented on my skin and asked what new product I was using!

  3. Angie Coats

    I love using my Myotone. It is so easy to use and I look forward to pampering myself with each treatment because it’s so relaxing. It’s just like having a microcurrent facial at a spa, but it saves you time and money by being able to do it in the comfort of your own home. I definitely notice a difference when I don’t do it so consistency is key. Just do it, you’ll be happy you did!

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