Video Reviews | Myotone | Microcurrent Facial Lifting, Toning, Wrinkle Reduction | Microcurrent, facial toning, wrinkle reduction and anti-aging device by Myotone.
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Video Reviews

Hot and Flashy Myotone Review

Angie, YouTube Beauty Blogger

“I definitely see a difference in my neck — wow, that’s really quite something!”


The Beauty Diva Myotone Review

Nathalie, YouTube Beauty Blogger

“Today I will be talking about a new beauty tool that has rocked my world!”


Sharon Capehart Myotone Demo and Review

Sharon Capehart, YouTube Beauty Blogger

“I am already seeing results after 2 weeks!”


Denim Vixen Myotone Review and Demo

Cathy, YouTube Beauty Blogger

“It’s one of my anti-aging go-to products.”


The 2 Orchids Myotone Demo and Review

Karen and Lauren, YouTube Beauty Bloggers

“My skin felt so smooth and tight after only five uses!”


Glitzy Fritzy Myotone Review

Mary, YouTube Beauty Blogger

“I’m just flabbergasted. I cannot believe it.”