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Skincare for Kids: What is an Age-Appropriate Skincare Routine?

Kids skincare routines

As interest in skincare rapidly increases among Gen Alpha, you may be wondering what (if any) skincare is safe and age appropriate for your kids. As children transition from childhood to teenage years, their skin undergoes many changes. In this blog post, we’ll outline age-appropriate skincare routines for kids of all ages, emphasizing the importance of gentle care and building healthy habits, rather than following trends.

Ages 10 & Under: Gentle Cleanse and Hydrate

At this age, children’s skin is typically healthy and vibrant. A simple routine focused on gentle cleansing and sun protection can help maintain this healthy state.

1. Cleanse: Opt for a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. A mild soap or non-soap cleanser should suffice.

2. Sun Protection: Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, especially if your child spends a lot of time outdoors. This habit can be reinforced as a lifelong practice.

Ages 10-12: Transition to Pre-Teen Skincare

As kids approach their pre-teen years, hormonal changes may begin, impacting their skin. You child may show a sudden interest in skincare or makeup around this age.

1. Cleanse: A gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser should be used to remove dirt, oil, and impurities.

2. Exfoliation: Introduce gentle exfoliation (once or twice a week) to keep pores clean and prevent build-up. Opt for a mild exfoliating product or a soft face cloth.

3. Moisturize: Continue with a lightweight moisturizer suitable for their skin type.

4. Sun Protection: Reinforce the importance of daily sun protection to prevent sun damage.

Ages 13-16: Teenage Skincare and Acne Management

During these years, hormonal changes can lead to common skin concerns such as acne. Establishing a good routine can help manage these challenges.

1. Cleanse: Use a gentle, foaming cleanser suited for teenage skin. Those with acne-prone skin may benefit from products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

2. Tone: Incorporate a mild, alcohol-free toner to balance skin’s pH and remove any residual impurities.

3. Moisturize: Hydrate skin with an oil-free moisturizer that won’t clog pores.

4. Treat: For teenagers experiencing acne, over-the-counter acne treatments containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can be effective. Spot treatments can target specific areas.

5. Sun Protection: Stress the importance of sunscreen use, especially if they use acne treatments that increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

Helping kids establish a skincare routine from an early age can set the foundation for lifelong healthy skin habits. Each age group requires a tailored approach to accommodate the changing needs of their skin. Start with simple, gentle practices and adjust as needed based on their skin type and concerns. With a consistent routine, kids and teens can enjoy healthy, happy skin as they grow. Love skincare? Checkout our other skincare routines like: Easy Skincare Routines for Busy Moms or Jennifer Aniston’s Timeless Skincare Routine.

Kids skincare routines

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