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Why is My Skin Red After a Microcurrent Facial?

Why is My Skin Red After a Microcurrent Facial?

After using a microcurrent device, your face may appear a little red due to increased blood circulation and minor skin stimulation. Don’t worry! This skin flush is temporary and should last only 5-10 minutes. Microcurrent treatments have no downtime and you are safe to proceed with you activities as usual, including your regular skincare routine. So why does this skin flush occur?

Causes of Red or Flushed Skin

  1. Increased Blood Flow
  2. Skin Stimulation
  3. Heat Generation
  4. Microcirculation Improvement
  5. Skin Sensitivity

Increased Blood Flow:

Microcurrent devices use low-level electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles and skin cells. This stimulation increases blood flow to the treated areas, which can cause temporary redness.

Skin Stimulation:

The electrical currents activate the skin’s natural healing processes, which includes an inflammatory response. This mild inflammation can lead to a temporary reddening of the skin.

Heat Generation:

Although microcurrent devices are generally designed to operate without generating significant heat, the mild electrical stimulation can sometimes cause a slight warming effect, leading to redness. You might be more prone to redness if it’s a hot day or you have recently finished exercising.

Microcirculation Improvement:

Microcurrent therapy is known to improve microcirculation, which enhances nutrient and oxygen delivery to skin cells. This improved circulation can make the skin appear redder temporarily.

Skin Sensitivity:

Some individuals have more sensitive skin that reacts more prominently to external stimuli, including microcurrent treatments. This sensitivity can result in a more noticeable redness. If you have sensitive skin you can still use microcurrent; consider your device at a lower level until your skin adjusts. Remember that the redness will disappear naturally in 5-10 minutes.

Skin flush is common after any facial treatment that stimulates skin cells, as blood circulation to the face in increasing. Remember that this increase circulation is fantastic for skin health & a glowing complexion. The redness should typically subside 5-10 minutes after your facial. If you’re experiencing severe redness or a rash, you may be having an allergic reaction to the gel applied to conduct the microcurrent. Always check your gel’s ingredients and make your esthetician aware of your allergies.

Why is My Skin Red After a Microcurrent Facial?

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